How did this start?

In our polarized political era, many observers doubted even a single Republican would join them. But on December 5, Republican Elector Christopher Suprun of Texas wrote a powerful op-ed in the New York Times announcing his decision to vote against Trump:

The election of the next president is not yet a done deal. Electors of conscience can still do the right thing for the good of the country. Presidential electors have the legal right and a constitutional duty to vote their conscience. I believe electors should unify behind a Republican alternative, an honorable and qualified man or woman such as Gov. John Kasich of Ohio. I pray my fellow electors will do their job and join with me in discovering who that person should be.

A majority of Americans would support Suprun's efforts to choose a unifying President - but who should that be? And is prayer the best way to find him or her in such a large and diverse democracy?

Who are the Candidates?

We started with a short list of well-known Republicans who have the character, experience, and cross-partisan appeal needed to unite our great country. As Suprun suggested, John Kasich is certainly on our list. But his record as governor of Ohio is not without partisan controversy, so he is not the only Republican we included.

The others are Michael Bloomberg, the 3-term Republican Mayor of New York City; entrepreneur Mark Cuban; FOX News host Megyn Kelly, who famously challenged Trump in the FOX debates; Senator John McCain, the GOP nominee in 2008; Senator Rand Paul, the hero of Libertarian Republicans; Colin Powell, the Secretary of State under George W. Bush; Mitt Romney, the GOP nominee in 2012; and Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett Packard.

Because our goal is to find a leader who can unite a divided nation, we did not include more divisive names like Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Condi Rice, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, or Scott Walker. Nor did we add popular but little-known Governors like Susana Martinez of New Mexico or Brian Sandoval of Nevada. But we are completely open to additional candidates who are nationally known, experienced, and unifying leaders.

Why Hamilton Electors

In the Internet era, there is a much better way for Hamilton Electors to choose a better President: by giving Americans the opportunity to vote directly over the Internet in a way that shows whether or not a broad unifying leader can be found.

That's why we created an open voting platform at It is not an official government website, but a grassroots effort to seek a meaningful consensus among millions of Americans.