That's why they gave the ultimate power of electing a President to the Electoral College, so responsible patriots would carefully consider the election, and decide whether or not that person was fit to be President.

Here is a list.  Contact the electors in your state.  Tell them you have profound concerns about Trump having been elected with the assistance of a foreign power.  Be polite.

And who among these distinguished Americans would you want to be our president?

Mike Bloomberg

Mark Cuban

John Kasich

Lindsey Graham

John McCain

Rand Paul

Colin Powell

Mitt Romney

Meg Whitman

Donald Trump is the most divisive politician in modern history. He was divisive for Republican primary voters, who desperately tried to find another nominee to unite behind. And he was deeply divisive in the general election, where he he lost the popular vote by 2.5 million votes.

Recently several Democratic Electors launched the Hamilton Electors campaign to convince a majority of the 538 total electors to vote against Donald Trump and choose someone who would unite the nation, not deeply divide us like Donald Trump.

The math is simple: they need to convince 37 Republican Electors to join with all of Clinton's Electors to reach a majority of 270.